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PWISTA is an organization and network developed in cooperation with the school districts of Putnam-Westchester County and local Teacher Centers. It is designed to increase scientific knowledge and enhance classroom instruction by exposing science teachers and their students to modern scientific technologies used in industrial laboratories.

The Goals and Objectives of PWISTA are to:


 Provide opportunities for local educational agencies to collaborate and partner with STEM education stakeholders to develop and implement effective professional development models that are based upon the new P-12 NYS science learning standards.


 Include components of science and engineering practices for pre-service STEM teacher and leader preparation programs and in continuing professional development opportunities that are based upon the new P-12 NYS science learning standards for in-service teachers and leaders..


Build the capacity to enhance science education and ensure career readiness by involving STEM stakeholder partnerships and alliances between school districts, institutions of higher education, science education professional organizations, business and industry, informal education organizations, government agencies, and the larger learning communities: local, regional, state, national, and international arenas.


 Identify science education stakeholders to lead the development and continued growth of partnerships focused on comprehensive revitalization of science education.

PWISTA is also a NYC vendor with vendor  #  MAR019000 01.

PWISTA-Mahopac is a non for profit 501(c)-3  organization established to Initiate, build, and sustain collaborations and partnerships to provide specific and focused professional development to support the teaching and learning of core science content, conceptual understandings, and practices P-12.  The organization was established to facilitate the distribution of donated equipment from industry and business to school laboratories.


Facilitate the distribution of donated equipment from industry and business to school laboratories.

Provide assistance to science teachers in the use of newly obtained technology equipment.

Establish linkages between science teachers and scientists working in industry.

Organize science workshops, conferences and summer institutes for teachers.

Promote school-to-work connections through the use of "real" equipment from the business community.

PWISTA Partners:

 BASF,  Kraft Foods, Westchester Environmental Facilities, Regeneron, IBM and many more

Special Thanks to Consumer Reports for all their support over the years.

PWISTA in the News

Coordinator and Program Director:
Mark Langella


Contact Information    

(914) 497-8531
Putnam County Postal Address
67 Fassitt Drive, Mahopac, N.Y. 10541
Electronic mail
General Information: pwista@gmail.com


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