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Methods of Teaching the  New Core Physics Curriculum

Presented by Howard Myers

Veteran AP Physics , Honors Physics, and Regents Physics Instructor, Ossining High School, Ossining , NY

    During this one-week workshop participants will be actively involved in preparing lessons for the following school year. All topics from the new state syllabus will be covered.  Each day will be divided into 5 distinct sessions.


 Demonstrations – The instructor will share his favorite demonstrations that are guaranteed to generate interest and enthusiasm in all students.  At the end of the week, all experienced teachers will be asked to share one demonstration that they use and have found to be most successful.



The  Web – Interesting web sites will be explored and shared among the participants.  The teachers will learn how to use the Internet to find and use Physics applets in the classroom. All teachers will compile a list of tested simulations and interactive labs, which can be used free on the Internet.



Labs –  Each afternoon will be devoted to lab activities.  Participants will perform labs using Jell-O and two by fours on the low tech end of the spectrum and a full range of PASCO equipment at the nearly state of the art end.  The Ossining HS physics classroom has 12 computers each with a computer interface and a set of sensors. The labs are designed to have students use real life experiences and science inquiry skills to solve open-ended questions. Teachers will write up one lab activity and share it with the class by the end of the week.



Teaching strategies and tips – This part of the daily ritual will include but not be limited to videos, homework, projects, worksheets, tests, PowerPoint presentations, objectives, dry erase boards, ordering equipment and supplies, magic, and cartoons.

Whether this is your first year teaching, or you are an experienced science teacher planning on getting certified in a second area, or you are an experienced physics teacher looking for a few new tricks to liven up your lessons, this is the workshop for you.  

Date: July 8th-July 12th

Time : 8:30 AM-3:30 PM 

Cost:  $295.00 ( includes Breakfast and Lunch)

Place: Science Wing, Ossining High School, Ossining, New York

Sponsored by: PWISTA,  Teaching Center at SUNY Purchase, and the Center for Science and Math Education of SUNY Purchase

Credit : A 30-hour certificate toward in-service credit will be issued for use according  to your school district’s policy.

Three Graduate Science Education Credits available upon  completion of Project  at an additional cost of $ 780.00.

Three Undergraduate Physics Credits available upon completion of project at an additional cost of $450.00.

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