PWISTA Mini Concepts

 Custom Designed Laboratory Kits 

These kits are designed to emphasize “Green Chemistry” by minimizing quantities and using recycled materials.

Examples of change is not using typical Burets, Pipets, Buret Stands, and Pipet Pumps as tools for measuring volume .Minimize flames with 30 students in a class by using alternative heating sources. Minimize Waste and stick to “Green Chemistry” methodology by reducing quantities to perform and get the same results. By adjusting the methodology more lab time can be used to develop the more time consuming Guided Inquiry Based Labs.

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Titration Kit-Item #25


12-1 ml Color Coded Red Top Mini Titrator Syringes with micro tip

12- 1 ml Color Coded Blue Top Mini Titrator Syringes with micro tip

Cost $ 34.99 plus ( $7.00) Shipping and Handling

polyethylene tip


mini scale titrations


Reduction / Oxidation Titration Kit #55

Kit Includes
6- White  coded 1ml Syringes for pipetting
12- Red Coded 1 ml Syringes
12- PE Mini Titration Cups
6-Labeled unknown HCl  PP Containers
6- Labeled Iodate PP Containers
6- Labeled PP Thiosulfate Dropper Bottles
6- Labeled Potassium Iodide Dropper Bottles
6- Labeled Indicator Dropper Bottles

Cost $79.99 Plus ( $ 7.99 Shipping and Handling)

Redox Titration Lab


Determination of Molar Mass of Gas Kit item # 713


6- 140ml Syringes with Penny Nail and Syringe cap

Cost $ 99.99 plus ($13.00) Shipping and Handling

Determination of the Molecular Mass of an Unknown Gas


Determine Molar Mass Of Butane Kit item # 700


J kit to fit Source

6- Butane Cartridges

6- Plastic tubing

6- 60 ml Eudiometer Syringe Shafts with syringe cap 6 – Plastic Water Cylinder containers

Cost $ 89.00 plus ( $13.00 ) Shipping and Handling

Butane lab


Plancks Constant Demo Kit-LED Exciter Box – Item # 400


Exciter Box

Collection of 5- 5mm of varied colored LEDs

Batteries not included.

Plancks LED Exciter  Kit $49.99 USD

($7.00) Shipping and Handling

Exciter box.pdf


Planck’s Constant Probe Kit  for Vernier Lab Quest Item# 650


1- analog BTA cable with LED socket – Lights LED and Records Potential Drop Across LED Inserted
Collection of 5 – 5mm varied colored LEDs

Cost $79.99 each Kit plus ($7.00) Shipping and Handling

A Determination of Planck’s Constant.pdf


Aqueous Carbon Dioxide Equilibrium Kit # 606


6- 20 ml BD Syringes

6- Locking Mechanisms

6- Syringe Caps

Cost $ 69.99 plus ($13.00 ) Shipping and Handling


Equilibrium and LeChatelier Lab


Electrolysis of Sodium Sulfate Kit Item # 600


6- 1.0 ml Syringe Eudiometer Shafts with Syringe Cap

6- polystyrene tubes

Wires attached to tubes

Battery and alligator clips not included

Cost $ 99.99 plus ($13.00 ) Shipping and Handling

Electrolysis of an aqueous solution of Sodium Sulfate


Determination of Molar Mass of Aluminum  Kit # 800

Easy storage all components fit into plastic container kit

Includes All custom designed plastic components adapted from original


6- Plastic tubing J kit
6- 60 ml Eudiometer Syringe Shafts  with syringe cap
6 – Plastic Water Cylinder containers
6- # 1 one hole stoppers
6- Custom Designed Adapter connectors to J tube
6- 5 ml syringe pipet

Cost $99.99 plus ( $13.00 Shipping and Handling)


Atomic Mass of Aluminum Lab


Stoichiometry Rockets Kit

Kit includes all

6- Rocket plungers
6- Rocket Tank shafts
6- Fuel Injectors
12 – Syringe caps
1- mini piezoelectric igniter with thermocouple wire

Cost 69.99 plus ( $ 13.00 Shipping and Handling)


Stoichiometry Rockets


IMF Kit # 99

6 – Kits

Each Kit Includes

1-Drop Width Recorder

3 Micro tip Droppers

1 Micro Strip

2 Glass Slides

3 Capillary Tubes

  Cost 49.99 ( 7.99 Shipping and Handling)




Substitute for Pipette and Graduated Cylinders

BD Syringes with Polyethylene Micro Tip Extension

12- 10 ml Syringe kit $29.99 Buy

12- 3 ml syringe kit- $49.99 Buy

6- 20 ml syringe kit-$ 24.99 Buy

6- 30 ml syringe kit-$24.99 Buy

Distillation Kit

Kit Contains
6- 3 hole #1 Stopper
6- Teflon Distillation Kit with K  thermocouple wires for pot temp recording and for vapor temp recording
15- Centrifuge Tubes
12- Polyurethane  Connectors
6 – Water Bath Containers

Cost $99.99 plus $11.99 Shipping and Handling

Simple Distillation

Distillation and Column Chroma Lab


Mini Scale Peroxide Analysis Kit

Kit Includes
4- Blue coded 1ml Syringes
4- Red Coded 1 ml Syringes
4- White Coded 1 ml Syringes
4- PE Mini Cups
1-Labeled Standard Iron Solution PP Containers
1- Permanganate  Labeled Solution PP Containers
1- Peroxide Labeled PP Container
1- Sulfuric Acid Labeled Dropper Bottle
Volumetric Flask not Included
Cost $59.99 Plus ( $ 7.99 Shipping and Handling)

Guided Inquiry Peroxide Lab